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Cleaning is as important as generating energy

1/ Why Clean?

Dirty photovoltaic panels can compromise up to 25% of the plant's energy generation!

Less generation means less money generated!

2/ When to Clean?

A good practice is to clean the modules every 4 months. Or when they are visually dull, stained or dirty.

Let's start

3/ How is your system?

Strong winds, rain, on-site maintenance can interfere with the physical integrity of the system as a whole. Always carry out preventive maintenance, checking each item installed in the PV plant.

4/ Problems in the PV System?

When preventive maintenance and cleaning are up to date, problems and extra costs are eliminated.

However, count on an agent to resolve!

You need to clear 
your solar modules

Âncora 1


When using solar energy, the economy is instantaneous and the lack of maintenance in your plant can compromise the investment. As an authority on the subject, we offer the ideal solutions for all solar plant models.

What we do?

Clean Solar specializes in maintenance and cleaning of photovoltaic systems. Our services aim to keep the client's photovoltaic plant generating the maximum of the electrical energy for which it was designed.

Full service

We carry out the inspection and complete maintenance of the system, from professional cleaning, checking of the entire structure, general electrical and technical analysis of the generation of the PV plant.


Regarding thesolar cleaner

In 2009, Cleaning Solar began its trajectory in the field of Solar Energy, indelibly marking its name in the specialization in Maintenance and Operation throughout Minas Gerais, and today we already serve all the States of Brazil.


Always striving for the best service and high quality manufacturing, together with the best certified manufacturers, we are today the biggest supplier and concept builder with the biggest and best service providers in the field of Solar Energy in Brazil.

✔ +10 years of experience in the market

✔ 20 thousand Clean systems 

✔ 7.7 million kW/h generated per year

✔ 12 franchises spread across Brazil

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reality ofSolar energyin Brazil


Veja depoimentos reais de franqueados de sucesso.

"Eu estudei bastante, pesquisei, tirei dúvidas. tudo que foi proposto pela franqui aconteceu: a rentabilidade, o processo de adesão à marca.

valeu a pena investir!".

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"Para nós a Limpa Solar não é só uma franquia, é um parceiro estratégico. Álem da plataforma ser excelente, todo o time está 7/24 à disposição para colaborar e contribuir com o crescimento do nosso negócio".

Marcione Hilbert

Franquia Limpa Solar

Campo Bom RS

Design sem nome (20).png

"A Limpa Solar é uma marca muito forte no mercado, com um sistema robusto e uma ótima reputação, então foi uma decisão muito fácil."

Victor Hugo

Franquia Limpa Solar

Araçatuba SP

Júlio César 
Franquia Limpa Solar

Nova Iguaçu RJ

Our Services 

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