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Pôr-do-sol nos Painéis Solares

Dirty solar panel.  Dust accumulated on solar panels decreases their performance capacity. If you leave your solar panels dirty, they won't perform optimally.

Accumulated dirt has serious long-term effects on solar panels, lack of cleaning can also lead to solar cell failure.

Dirt can greatly accelerate the aging of materials around the cell, reducing the life of the panels.

Dirt in solar systems alters the economic trade-off between production losses, and can also lead to component breakdown and system failure.


Clean solar panel.  Solar panels work by allowing light to enter the solar cells. The more light hits a panel, the more energy it will generate.


Some solar panel manufacturers and installation companies have made cleaning solar panels a condition of their warranty.

Solar panel cleaning keeps your warranty intact, helps your solar panels produce maximum electricity, and most importantly, saves you more money in the long run.

It is very important to maximize the light input to the solar panel and in turn increase your financial reward. 

Check list

Detailed Budget 

Complete Report 

We arrange a previous visit to the site, be it home or plant, so that a structural and technical analysis can be carried out, we evaluate the best way to carry out the service in your modules in an automated and fast way, minimizing losses 

On the same day, we send you a complete estimate of the data collected during the visit, with information on the best strategy developed by our development team 

After the service is ready, we will also send you an analytical report of the before and after of your modules 



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