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Cleaning of Solar Panels within a large consolidated network

The easiest and safest way to have a successful business is with amodel validated and testedcontributing to a more sustainable world.


Enter a market full ofopportunitiesandhighly profitable, with an average return of70%.  Deliver peace of mind andrecurring savings to your customers.

Come be part of this team 

Thank you very much)!

Come be part of the Largest and Most Renowned Franchise SUN CLEANERfrom Brazil

Check out the benefits of starting a business inSolar Clean Franchise


Investment:from BRL 7,999.00


Low investment and high return


Lean team, simple operation and easy management


Solid positioning in the national and international market


Supply of quality equipment and training


Application for scheduling services and visits


Marketing support and training for the franchisee


Possibility of financing 100% of the investment 


Approved suppliers for all materials


All the support you need for your success!


Break-even point (average): 1 to 3 months


Payback time (average): 3 to 6 months


Franchisee store with promotional values 


Clean Solar is a reference in the Photovoltaic Sector

Âncora 1


Only one type of person: The one who has a bigdesire in your heart to change your life for the better, achieve your financial independencebuilding a successful business, and being able to fulfill dreams that seem very distant. 


If you are thirsty to undertake, have already tried to invest in a business and failed, we will help you and give you all the necessary support to be successful withsolar cleaner🇧🇷


And here goes oneIMPORTANT DETAIL: You DO NOT need to be a professional in the field of Solar Energy to qualify! If you already are, that's fine, but if not, we'll train you to work in this market even if you've never worked in this area before.

reality ofSolar energyin Brazil


BecauseCLEANthe solar modules?

To ensure high energy levels, solar panels must be cleaned regularly, any dirt that remains  between solar panels and the sun will have an impact on production  energy, learn more...

For years we have monitored increases in  efficiency than cleaning  solar panels can bring. We often identify  efficiency increases  up to 30% after cleaning.

limpeza solar oficial.jpg

Dirty solar panel.  Dust accumulated on solar panels decreases their performance capacity. If you leave your solar panels dirty, they won't perform optimally.

Accumulated dirt has serious long-term effects on solar panels, lack of cleaning can also lead to solar cell failure.

Dirt can greatly accelerate the aging of materials around the cell, reducing the life of the panels.

Dirt in solar systems alters the economic trade-off between production losses, and can also lead to component breakdown and system failure.

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Positivo 2.png
Positivo 2.png
Positivo 2.png
limpeza solar oficial 2.jpg

Clean solar panel.  Solar panels work by allowing light to enter the solar cells. The more light hits a panel, the more energy it will generate.


Some solar panel manufacturers and installation companies have made cleaning solar panels a condition of their warranty.

Solar panel cleaning keeps your warranty intact, helps your solar panels produce maximum electricity, and most importantly, saves you more money in the long run.

It is very important to maximize the light input to the solar panel and in turn increase your financial reward.

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Positivo 2.png
Positivo 2.png
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Franquia PRO




ou R$ 12.500,00 à vista

  • 2 x Escova 60cm Limpa Solar


  • 1 x Escova 30cm Limpa Solar


  • 2 x Braço longo de 9m Limpa Solar


  • 1 x Braço longo de 1,5m Limpa Solar


  • 1 x Bomba Limpa Solar Bivolt


  • 2 x Produtos 5L Limpa Solar


  • 1 x 30m Mangueira de alimentação 1/2"


  • 2 x 30m Mangueira de saída 10mm


  • 1 x Reservatório de água 120L Limpa Solar


  • 2 x Conjuntos de Conexões Limpa Solar

  • 1 x Capacete de segurança

  • 1 x Colete refletivo

  • 1 x Luva de segurança

  • 1 x Cinto de segurança

  • 1 x Talabarte de segurança

  • 1 x Botina de segurança

  • 1 x Perneira de proteção de couro

  • 1 x Corda 50 metros NR18

  • 1 x Conjunto Rádios Comunicador Walk Talk Limpa Solar

  • 1x Óculos de segurança

  • Gestão de Marketing Completa 

+ Acessoa área de membros Limpa Solar 

Franquia PREMIUM




ou R$ 18.500,00 à vista

  • 4 x Escova 60cm Limpa Solar


  • 1 x Escova 30cm Limpa Solar


  • 4 x Braço longo de 9m Limpa Solar


  • 1 x Braço longo de 1,5m Limpa Solar


  • 2 x Bomba Limpa Solar Bivolt


  • 2 x Produtos 5L Limpa Solar


  • 2 x 30m Mangueira de alimentação 1/2"


  • 2 x 30m Mangueira de saída 10mm


  • 2 x Reservatório de água 120L Limpa Solar


  • 4 x Conjuntos de Conexões Limpa Solar

  • 2 x Capacete de segurança

  • 2 x Colete refletivo

  • 2 x Luva de segurança

  • 2 x Cinto de segurança

  • 2 x Talabarte de segurança

  • 2 x Botina de segurança

  • 2 x Perneira de proteção de couro

  • 2 x Corda 50 metros NR18

  • 2 x Rádios Comunicador Walk Talk Limpa Solar

  • 2 x Óculos de segurança

  • Gestão de marketing Completa 

+ Acesso área de membros Limpa Solar
+ Cursos Energia Solar 

  • Who we are
    CLEAN SOLAR is your #1 choice for incredibly clean solar panel cleaning. We work clearing the way for the power of the Sun. 🏆 We are the Largest National Franchise in the business of cleaning and maintaining photovoltaic solar systems. Specialized and qualified service.
  • What are the benefits of subscribing to Solar Cleaning?
    If you want to run your own business in a growing industry that is fast, has longevity and is green in its outlook, owning a LIMPA SOLAR solar panel cleaning franchise is for you.By owning a LIMPA SOLAR solar panel cleaning franchise, you are getting a well-known and respected brand and we can back you up with in-depth knowledge and support.We are always looking for motivated people who are passionate about renewable energy and willing to share ideas and skills. Part of the success of LIMPA SOLAR is due to our partnerships and our willingness to embrace new ideas and services.The solar revolution is a global revolution, so LIMPA SOLAR has every intention of becoming a global brand as experts in their field. If you would like to join the global solar revolution and run your own solar panel cleaning business, please do not hesitate to purchase your franchise.
  • Is the payment secure?
    This business is strictly paid upon completion of work, so no invoicing is required. Invoices will be issued for the provision of services, it is simple and we will address this during your training.
  • How does acquisition and deployment work?
    The Board of LIMPA SOLAR carefully analyzes the profile and documentation of each franchisee candidate, if you go through the committee and accept the terms of the documentation SIGNATURE OF CONTRACT. It is at this stage that you pay the Franchise Fee, after payment we start the KICK-OFF, TRAINING AND TRAINING stage, where we will present everything you need to do and know to start working it is presented in this phase, in specific trainings. It's time to start the activities of your CLIMPA SOLAR franchise.
  • What are the forms of payment?
    Yes you can. You can partner with your spouse, your children or another family member, a co-worker or a friend.
  • Is the subscription renewal automatic?
    Yes. We give you a unique marketing territory where you can promote and market your business. While most of your business is derived from within your marketing territory, there will be instances where you will receive referrals from your satisfied customers to their friends, family or acquaintances who are outside your marketing area. There will also be times when your social media marketing efforts attract inquiries from outside your area. We believe you should be able to serve them, after all, the referral is a direct result of you providing great service to a satisfied customer or being proactive in your field. Alternatively, we are very much in favor of your customers owning you and building the value of your business. Remember, however, that another franchisee may receive referrals or inquiries in your marketing territory, so it is best to maintain good working relationships with all other franchisees.
  • Is Solar Cleaning for me?
    We provide all the training you need to run a successful business. This includes all aspects of the service you will provide, the day-to-day running of your business, and the marketing and promotion of your service. You will receive your own custom website tailored to your area, as well as marketing material and equipment.
  • What if I want to cancel my subscription?
    This is a simple step in an emerging market, and as such there is an element of education that informs potential customers that they need their solar panels clean to get maximum solar performance. Local area direct marketing is the best way to do this! We will provide marketing framework, customer referrals, lead generation for your business. Wherever you see solar panels on the roof, talk to the home owner and provide them with one of the marketing brochures we will provide for you. You will also receive training and guidance to make your franchise stand out in your region.
  • Will I have access to a question-answer if I subscribe?
    Yes! We encourage you to do so.
  • Can I invest in a second franchise?
    Certainly; Once you've proven you can manage your business successfully, we'd be happy to discuss expansion into other areas.
  • What if I want to sell my franchise?
    You can do this whenever you want and we will be happy to help you.
  • How long to start?
    With our franchise you can start working on your own, full or part time, in less than 20 days!
  • Working part-time or full-time and what can I expect to earn?
    Invoicing forecasts are that you earn between R$4,000.00 to R$8,000.00 per week, which seems to be common to many in the franchising industry. services.At this time, we don't know if you're interested in running your business full-time or if you'd rather start part-time and build engagement full-time. Your return will be proportionate to the amount of effort you put into growing your business. An average solar panel cleaning job is approximately $800.00, which takes about an hour for a low-rise house. So we'd rather you do the math and calculate how many jobs you want to do in a week; part-time or full-time.
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