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Solar PV Panel Cleaning Robot for Medium and Large PV Systems on Ground and Rooftop, the solar cleaning robot is designed and built mainly to facilitate and speed up the cleaning of medium and large PV systems and to clean hard-to-reach areas and spots.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

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    The robot  is light and compact and its assembly is very simple,  it greatly reduces the effort  by the operator, whose only task is to control it by radio. Its cleaning capacity is 1300 m² / hour.

    The effectiveness of this robot in cleaning photovoltaic systems is given by the cleaning action of a specific rotating brush made of nylon bristles combined with the use of water, which allows   a delicate and qualitatively perfect cleaning of the panels! 

    The solar robot  can be combined with a water production station with the relative retention system with automatic hose reel of 40 meters.

    Here are some of its technical features:

    Tracked and equipped with wireless radio control system.

    Very easy to drive, thanks to the sensitive and very precise joystick, which allows perfect control of the robot at any time.

    Has capacity single drive and drive in the entire area of the photovoltaic system to be cleaned

    It has a 24V electric motor, powered by a state-of-the-art lithium battery system, com autonomy of up to 2 hours of continuous work.

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